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Management of research contracts

Preferred intermediary between the Economic world and the world of Research
Administration, human resources and management of financial flows relating to research contracts
- Clinical trials, grants, conferences and seminars -

A know-how acquired through experience

INTER UNEC is a regional reference and has been in the field of contract management since 1982. This experience has enabled it to capitalize on its multi-faceted know-how: knowledge of the market and its key actors, technical skills and quick implementation and acknowledgement of local players.

Flexible and responsive

The INTER UNEC team is fully focused on providing its users with the required timely response. It ensures speed and transparency in the reimbursement of expenses pertaining to contracts, and availability in real time of financial statements to ensure proper monitoring.

Simplified administration

Focus on your research, INTER UNEC will handle all the formalities relating to your contract. In all transparency, we lighten your administrative burden.

Quality policy

A charter to commitment, a dedicated team, a law firm… INTER UNEC provides all the services required for rigorous management of research activities.


A team that is attentive to the special needs of research activities.
All of us are specialized by trade : customer accounting, supplier accounting, human resources and communication. The team is connected to a management office and a board of directors that include industry experts, research professors and doctors, in equal proportions.