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- Assets and values -


A know-how acquired through experience

For over 35 years, INTER UNEC has achieved a reputation as the reference structure in Franche-Comté, in terms of contract management and has over the years strengthened its team as well as its operating mode.
These years of activity have enabled it to capitalize on a number of skills:
- Knowledge of the market, its players, legal, social and accounting standards,
- Reputation among local players
- Technical expertise and quick performance

Simplified administration

The association provides relief from administrative constraints by handling all formalities in relation with contracts: Reception – transmission of projects for contracts, legal approval, signatures, launch of the studies, invoicing, reimbursement of expenses, personnel management (on an ad hoc basis).

A simple and easy approach for reimbursement of daily expenses, account visibility provided by intranet, total transparency of incoming and outgoing flows, efficient communication without any complex or excessive administrative procedures.

Flexibility and responsiveness

We consider that flexibility and transparency are essential for the management of contracts and accounts. The user has access in real time to his financial reporting; his requests are handled quickly and simultaneously, with a time-saving objective for the researcher. Responsiveness is a driving force for our team. Expenses are allocated to accounts without requiring a number of quotes or service providers. In the event certain expenses are a requirement for a specific study or department and the account contains sufficient funds, INTER UNEC processes the charge.

Quality policy

Our procedures are simple: upstream of the contract, a charter of commitment is signed between the Professor and INTER UNEC, specifying the framework and clarifying the operating mode.
The team is fully trained and dedicated. Legal issues are handled by a regional law firm and a competitive watch has been implemented to monitor current new regulations and changes in legal requirements.

Quality is a key focus included in our processes as well as in those we require from users, in order to ensure efficient and sound management of all activities.

Consequently, INTER UNEC has based its operating mode on these values: responsiveness, professionalism, flexibility and transparency.

INTER UNEC is holder of the Research Tax Credit Certification.

The Research Tax Credit is a tax incentive designed to support and encourage research and development All taxable companies and associations (under the French law of 1901) that are conducting research and development activities may benefit from it regardless of their size, their field of activity and their operating mode. The tax credit is deducted from corporate tax, and based on all Research and Development activities performed.