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Logo Inter Unec

- Functioning -


Main activities

For over 35 years, INTERUNEC has focused on providing a support function and in particular being a quality intermediary for university laboratories and industrial companies.
We are mainly present in the medical field and benefit from a framework agreement governing the partnership with the Regional University Hospital of Besançon.
> Administrative management of Clinical Trials , Research Protocols or Contracts for Investigators (Research doctors – Professors) conducting work for an Industrial Promoter wishing to launch a product or develop a drug.
> Management of grants from the industry or partners with regard to university research laboratories, with full transparency.

Administrative management includes:
- Management and validation of contracts
- Links with the hospitals and promoters in the event of extra hospital charges
- Recruitment and management of technical and scientific staff (Clinical research associate, Research Engineer, Assistant, etc.)
- Invoicing of studies, dunning
- Management of outgoing flow (expenses, salaries, voluntary indemnities, etc.)
- An Intranet service that provides account visibility for the Professor – Referring doctor

We work alongside the Oncology, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Nuclear Medicine, Psychiatry, Gynaecology, Diabetology or Pneumology departments.

Other services

> Management and administration of conferences and seminars organized by the various member departments: registration processing, management of related turnover, checking and reimbursement of expenses.

> Communication services provided to members of the association:
• Assistance with graphics for printed media (conference programmes, invitations)
• Support with “media relation” (assistance in drafting press releases, management of calls from journalists, etc.)
• Advice for the creation and / or updating of a website and also relay of information to social networks specialized in research (Slideshare, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)
• Availability of a conference room for meetings, press conferences, etc.